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Fortified Rice Kernels Blending Machine

ALL YOU NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT Fortified Rice Kernels Blending Machine

Smsas Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is the most versatile Fortified Rice Kernels Blending Machine Manufacturers in Odisha. FRK, or Fortified Rice Kernels, is a nutrient-enriched rice product that helps to combat malnutrition in communities with limited access to a diverse diet. The addition of essential vitamins and minerals to rice kernels through fortification can improve the overall nutritional value of the food staple. However, the process of blending and mixing these fortified rice kernels requires specialized equipment to ensure consistent and even distribution of nutrients throughout the rice grains. This is where our company comes in - as the best suppliers of FRK blending machines in the market.

We are the most trusted FRK Blending Machine Manufacturers in Bhubaneswar. Our FRK blending machines are designed with precision and efficiency in mind. Our team of experts has developed a state-of-the-art machine that can blend fortified rice kernels with regular rice in a matter of minutes, ensuring a homogeneous mixture that delivers the necessary nutrients to those who need them most. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology to accurately measure and distribute the fortified kernels, while also maintaining the quality and integrity of the rice grains. Our company is the best suppliers of FRK blending machines in the market, with a commitment to innovation, precision, and customer service.

We are the most premium Fortified Rice Kernels Blending Machine Suppliers in India. At our company, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality and innovative solutions to address global nutrition challenges. We understand the importance of nutrition in promoting healthy development and the potential impact that fortified rice can have in improving overall health outcomes. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing the best FRK blending machines on the market - to ensure that fortified rice can reach the communities that need it most, with the highest level of efficiency and precision. 

Fully automatic Blending & Packing.
•    Capacity 3·12 TPH & 12·24 TPH
•    98%-100% Blending Accuracy.
•    Power Required · 1HP , 3Phase.
•    Air Pressure Required ·6 Bar.
•    Working 16-20Hrs nonstop.
•    Touch screen color 7'HMI (HumanMachineInterface).
•    Three stage Alarm system with RGB LED light indication.
•    ln built 10T system to access the screen with Smart Phone , Laptop , Computers etc.
•    Able to see the real time function And Import the data.
     Fix the Software / Parameter issues by an engineer through REMOTE ACCESS anywhere in the globe

Fortified Rice Kernels Blending Machine Manufacturers

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